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Curate Your Health with Dr Heather Hammerstedt

Dr Hammerstedt & her guests lightheartedly dig into health evidence and education to empower you into real sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes to curate your health future. 

Heather Hammerstedt MD is a double board certified physician, in emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine, CEO of Wholist Lifestyle Medicine Coaching and Consults... and momma... who can't get enough of interviewing colleagues all over the map of medicine and health in the fields of food, leadership, exercise, weight management, mindset, mindfulness, and women's health just to get YOU the real information you can trust about YOU, your body, your and your family's health future. Real talk, real tips, real professionals, and real FUN with no BS info. Join us today to listen or come learn more on

And remember, Who you choose to be Matters. You are valuable, You are worth this, You are your WholeYou.

Oct 31, 2022

Episode 211 of my Curate Your Health Podcast is out! Link below.

Brian Gryn is a personal trainer who coaches middle aged men looking to get their body back. He is here today to talk about accountability and finding clarity about food choice and lifestyle. In our society people tend to not put themselves first, we...

Oct 25, 2022

Episode 210 of my Curate Your Health Podcast is out! Link below.

Hally Brooke is here today to discuss her journey with gut health and brain fog. She discovered by figuring out what foods worked for her, she was able to balance her emotions better and think straight. By being more thoughtful and mindful with the...

Oct 18, 2022

Episode 209 of my Curate Your Health Podcast is out! Link below.

Dr. Cecily Havert is here today to discuss concierge medicine and what that means to you as a patient.  She has a private practice, which allows the doctors to make the important decisions of how they want to run and manage the practice. She has fewer...

Oct 11, 2022

Episode 208 of my Curate Your Health Podcast is out! Link below.


Hannah Bacaron is here today to discuss how our brain and our body are connected. She talks about our mind and body health and how stress can take such a toll. A physical ailment, such as a stomach issue, may be solved from more than one way and there...