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Curate Your Health

Dr Hammerstedt & her guests lightheartedly dig into health evidence and education to empower you into real sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes to curate your health future. 

Heather Hammerstedt MD is a double board certified physician, in emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine, CEO of Wholist Lifestyle Medicine Coaching and Consults... and momma... who can't get enough of interviewing colleagues all over the map of medicine and health in the fields of food, leadership, exercise, weight management, mindset, mindfulness, and women's health just to get YOU the real information you can trust about YOU, your body, your and your family's health future. Real talk, real tips, real professionals, and real FUN with no BS info. Join us today to listen or come learn more on

And remember, Who you choose to be Matters. You are valuable, You are worth this, You are your WholeYou.

Oct 17, 2020

Dr. Ruchi Puri is an OBGYN by conventional medical training practicing in San Francisco CA, as

well as a global health physician. She is a first generation Indian American who has traveled, worked and studied in over 35 countries. She uses her roots to fuel her passion for both Eastern

and Western healing...

Oct 12, 2020

Dr. Ana Blake is a Wholist coach, rural family physician, obstacle course racer, and - more recently- a physician life coach at The Anti-Fragile Female MD. Dr. Blake helps women transition from places of burnout, hopelessness, perfectionism and isolation into thriving, healthy, happy, strong and positive. You can find...

Oct 6, 2020

Sarah Calamita is a Board Certified Sports Dietitian and also holds a certificate in Adult Weight Management. She is the Registered Dietitian for the East Bank Club in downtown Chicago, one of the largest health clubs in the country, where she counsels clients on weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, GI issues,...

Oct 1, 2020

Dr. Alyssa Daniel is an integrative dermatologist in Charlotte, NC. She owns the company Remedy, Skin, Hair and Wellness PLLC and can be found at


Today, Dr. Daniel joins us for the third episode in her series to discuss thinking of your skin as the organ it is. What you put on your skin is...

Sep 29, 2020

Kathrine Kofoed is an ACE-certified health coach with a passion for plant-based nutrition and holistic wellness. She has completed a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Biology from Washington State University, and she is one year into a two-year Master's in Science in Human Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen....