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Curate Your Health with Dr Heather Hammerstedt

Dr Hammerstedt & her guests lightheartedly dig into health evidence and education to empower you into real sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes to curate your health future. 

Heather Hammerstedt MD is a double board certified physician, in emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine, CEO of Wholist Lifestyle Medicine Coaching and Consults... and momma... who can't get enough of interviewing colleagues all over the map of medicine and health in the fields of food, leadership, exercise, weight management, mindset, mindfulness, and women's health just to get YOU the real information you can trust about YOU, your body, your and your family's health future. Real talk, real tips, real professionals, and real FUN with no BS info. Join us today to listen or come learn more on

And remember, Who you choose to be Matters. You are valuable, You are worth this, You are your WholeYou.

Dec 29, 2019

Michael Collins is the founder of and is Board Chairman of Food Addiction Institute. Michael has been completely sugar-free for over 30 years and wrote the book The Last Resort Sugar Detox which was rated #1 in Healthy Living on Amazon (

Dec 8, 2019

Dr. Ali Novitsky is a board certified neonatologist turned life coach, from Mind Body Marriage. She helps the OVER FUNCTIONING woman to MAINTAIN a peaceful mind, a fit body, and satisfying relationships so that she can live a FIT & EMPOWERED life.

Healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy thoughts all lead to the...