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Curate Your Health with Dr Heather Hammerstedt

Dr Hammerstedt & her guests lightheartedly dig into health evidence and education to empower you into real sustainable lifestyle and mindset changes to curate your health future. 

Heather Hammerstedt MD is a double board certified physician, in emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine, CEO of Wholist Lifestyle Medicine Coaching and Consults... and momma... who can't get enough of interviewing colleagues all over the map of medicine and health in the fields of food, leadership, exercise, weight management, mindset, mindfulness, and women's health just to get YOU the real information you can trust about YOU, your body, your and your family's health future. Real talk, real tips, real professionals, and real FUN with no BS info. Join us today to listen or come learn more on

And remember, Who you choose to be Matters. You are valuable, You are worth this, You are your WholeYou.

Jun 2, 2022

Dr. Faryal Michaud is a board certified internist and a palliative care physician that is here today to discuss How To Have a Better Conversation About Your Health. She believes there is a misunderstanding of what palliative care is. She describes this type of care as a layer of support to help through the bumpy road of an illness, and to help families be able to connect to services. The layer of support is different for every patient and their family. And, only if the bumpy road is too much, then hospice would get involved, but that is not the palliative care role.


She stresses the importance of understanding what the patient and family knows, and what it is that they want to do. She talks about the -Wish, Worry, Wonder Guide. This model can be explained by saying - I wish you could get better, then worry about the type of care that the patient can get and if they will improve, and then finally, wonder if we should have a conversation about this. 


Dr. Faryal Michaud has been practicing inpatient palliative care medicine for the past 10 years which she believes is her true passion. Around the time of COVID, and having moved to Hawaii with her husband and two teenage daughters, she felt incredibly isolated and decided to start a podcast focusing on teaching patients and physicians how to have difficult conversations surrounding end of life issues. Her podcast, “Write Your Last Chapter” has been popular domestically and internationally, creating further evidence that this topic is both poorly understood and deeply needed.


She then decided to start “Physicians Living Intentionally” to focus on what matters as well as provide a space for poetry and reflection. In 2021 she started her business of life coaching for women physicians focusing on teaching how to live intentionally every day. As a certified mindfulness teacher, her program offers ongoing teachings by certified yoga, and mindfulness teachers, as well as group and one on one coaching. She also provides pro bono coaching for patients suffering from serious illness who are unable to afford her services. 


She has created a simple 3 step guide to have difficult conversations that can be applied to clinicians as well as moms everywhere on her website:

Dr. Hammerstedt and her lifestyle coaching team can be found at and @wholisthealth on Facebook and Instagram as well as the Facebook group Curate Your Health. Wholist helps high performing women and men lose weight for the last time, with an innovative food and mindset coaching program to blueprint YOUR optimal body and mind, with real food, real work, real results...and no products or BS. Come curate YOUR sustainable health future, and personal and professional dynasty.


And remember, Who you choose to be Matters. You are valuable, You are worth this, You are your WholeYou.